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Welcome to Precision Sarms

Here at Precision Sarms we offer the highest quality selective androgen receptor modulators, PPAR’s and GH Secretagogue’s for your research needs.

We keep costs down by keeping overheads low and producing large volumes of research grade chemicals in order to pass the savings down the line to the consumer.

All our chemicals are of a minimum of 99% purity and COA’s and HPLC tests can be provided on request.

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These products are intended for laboratory use and research purposes only. They ARE NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Any prospective buyers are assumed to be licensed researchers buying for research purposes only. The actual listing of any of the materials displayed on this website does not constitute a license to, or recommend for its use in the infringements of any patents.

Precision Sarms reserves the right to refuse to sell these chemicals to unqualified person’s. In no circumstances shall Precision Sarms be liable for any damages through the misuse of this product. Any purchase is an agreement to use this product for research purposes only and the purchaser therefore agrees to indemnify and hold us free from all claims, losses and liability of any nature.