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Heard of Ibutamoren in the UK?

Have you heard that ibutamoren is becoming popular in the UK? We wouldn’t be surprised if you are a little confused about what ibutamoren is, after all, it’s not very well known by the average gym attendee. Fortunately, here at Precision Sarms, as one of the leading suppliers for ibutamoren in the UK, we have a good understanding of ibutamoren, enabling us to give a better insight of what ibutamoren is used for. 


Also known as MK 677, ibutamoren mesylate is a growth hormone secretagogue, despite the contrary belief that it’s a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). To keep it simple for now, it’s been proven that the ibutamoren in the UK is being used to increase the growth hormone levels, which is achieved by mimicking the action of ghrelin and bind those together to ghrelin receptors(GHSR) in the brain. For reference, the ghrelin hormone is a hunger hormone that stimulates appetite and promotes eating, which is where ibutamoren comes into place, as it encourages people to increase lean body mass and enhance fat burning. 


But what are the benefits of ibutamoren?


The first and most important reason why ibutamoren is used in the UK is to aid with the boost muscle building. As it’s primarily used as an anabolic substance, many users use it to increase lean body mass, which will ultimately lead to creating bigger muscles whilst also reducing general body fat. If you didn’t know already, a wealth of bodybuilding and strength athlete training requires recovery and sleep, which is where ibutamoren capsules have been proven to help. Many users have reported that the use of MK 677 has had a positive effect on their sleep quality, where it has improved the overall quality of their sleep and rapid eye movement sleep duration. 


With numerous years of experience behind the team here at Precision Sarms, we have the very best team that enables us to produce the very best selective androgen receptor modulators possible. All of the chemicals are of a minimum of 99% purity, where we are also happy to provide both COA’s and HPLC tests upon request. Not just that, but by keeping overheads low and producing large volumes of research chemicals, we can pass the savings down the line to the consumer. 


For those that are now keen on purchasing ibutamoren in the UK for research and laboratory use, you will be pleased to hear that Precision Sarms is here to help. Our MK 677 Ibutamoren capsules are available to purchase straight away from our website, where we are happy to provide additional details upon request. That being said, for general enquiries, it’s advised to send a message to us via our contact page, where we intend to reply at the earliest convenience.