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**New product LGD-3033….A dry version of lgd 4033…..ryan russos favourite sarm

Also I am making the transition to tablets as capsules have their limitations. Tablets can be split so the dosage can be tailored to individual research needs. Existing capsules are being sold until resisting stock is used up…….im in the process of updating the site to make people aware of this. It’s the same product, just a different delivery mechanism

A notice to our much valued customers ..we have introduced direct bank transfer after falling out of favour with paypal….initially I tried to source a new payment method but its just possible with all the questions regarding what is sold on here…..research chemicals that being

Massive appreciation to all those who have stuck by me and continue to be loyal…..the aim has always been to take these products to an affordable price bracket and I’ve been doing it for 5 years now and will continue to do so

International customers please order as if you were doing bank transfer…..and then send me an email….precisionsarms1989@gmail.comĀ 


Any questions precisionsarms1989@gmail.comĀ 

Regards ben

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